About us

Welcome to the digital home of the research group Transnational Political Ordering in Global Finance. Here, you can find out more about our team, their research projects and publications. The research project has been terminated in February 2019.

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The research group is headed by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Botzem. It is affiliated to the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS) at the University of Bremen and is also part of the Center for Transnational Studies (ZenTra). In addition to Prof. Botzem, Sebastian Möller and Marcus Wolf belong to the team. Until July 2016, also Natalia Besedovsky was part of the group. She is now research fellow at the University of Hamburg. The research group investigates the development of a social and political order beyond the nation state.

The team focusses on institutional rules, ideational foundations and cross-border relationships of individuals and organizations in the field of global finance. In particular, the group is interested in the emergence of collective decision-making in the transnational realm. Binding transnational rules are as much elements of these ordering processes as are resistance and opposition against them. Particular emphasis is given to private/commercial actors and social movements/civil society actors whose activities are going to be analyzed in a historical and comparative fashion.