Teaching in summer term 2016

Next summer term, members of the research group will again contribute to the political science study programs at Bremen University. Sebastian Botzem will teach the seminar “Economic elites and the regulation of the world econony” (in German language, Master). This seminar will take place Wednesdays 10-12 at SpT C3140 (Sportturm). In addition, Sebastian Möller and Marcus Wolf will offer the course “The politics of debt in financialized capitalism” (in English language, Bachelor) which will be held as a block seminar (21/22. May & 25./26. June). The introduction for this course will take place on 20 April 4-6pm at UNICOM 2210. You can register for both courses via Stud.IP.

Previous seminars of research group members at Bremen University:

  • Social science perspectives on finance
    (Natalia Besedovsky, winter term 2015/16)
  • Politics & economy in the age of globalization
    (Sebastian Botzem, winter term 2015/16)
  • Political Economy of financial market regulation
    (Sebastian Botzem, summer term 2015)
  • International Political Economy of the financial crisis
    (Sebastian Möller & Marcus Wolf, summer term 2015)