Presentations at DGS Congress in Bamberg

On September 29, Natalia Besedovsky and Sebastian Botzem will present their current research on the global financial elite and the German council of economic experts at the 38th congress of the German Sociological Association (DGS) in Bamberg. Both will be panelists at the ad-hoc group on economic elites that will be chaired by Natalia and Saskia Freye. Natalia will talk about the ongoing project on transnational financial elites (“Finanzelite im Wandel? Eine transnationale Netzwerksanalyse”). Sebastian will present a paper on the influence of the economics profession examplified by the German council of economic experts (“Der Einfluss von Berufsökonomen am Beispiel des Sachverständigenrats zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung”).

Find out more about the panel here.