Teaching in winter term 2016/17

In winter term 2016/17, Sebastian Botzem will teach the research seminar “Introduction to the Political Economy of Global Trade” (in German language, BA Political Science). This seminar will take place Wednesdays 10-12 at SpT C4180 (Sportturm). You can register for the course via Stud.IP.

Previous seminars of research group members at Bremen University:

  • Economic elites and the regulation of the world economy
    (Sebastian Botzem, summer term 2016)
  • The politics of debt in financialized capitalism
    (Sebastian Möller & Marcus Wolf, summer term 2016)
  • Social science perspectives on finance
    (Natalia Besedovsky, winter term 2015/16)
  • Politics & economy in the age of globalization
    (Sebastian Botzem, winter term 2015/16)
  • Political Economy of financial market regulation
    (Sebastian Botzem, summer term 2015)
  • International Political Economy of the financial crisis
    (Sebastian Möller & Marcus Wolf, summer term 2015)