Presentations in the UK

Within the next few weeks, members of the research group “Transnational Political Ordering in Global Finance” will present findings of their ongoing research at different occasions in the United Kingdom. Sebastian Botzem will participate in a workshop on “Networks in Finance” organized by Adam Leaver and Daniel Tischer at Alliance Manchester Business Salliance-mbs_logochool (AMBS). There, he will present a paper by Natalia Besedovsky and  him on “Knowledge intermediation and the rise of boundary-spanning organizations in finance”.

Already in November, Sebastian Möller will give a talk on his research about the financialization of municipal debt management at an AMBS PhD Seminar. Sebastian is currently visiting scholar at AMBS´s “People, Management and Organisation” (PMO) division. In early December, he will also present tentative findings of his UK field work on LOBO loans at a workshop at Newcastle´s Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS) organized by Andy Pike and Peter O´Brien. Finally, Sebastian will give a seminar at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) towards the end of his research stay in the UK.

  • 24/11/2016 (1pm, AMBS East, B2): Sebastian Möller – When finance knocks at city hall´s door: Derivatives and municipal debt management.
    AMBS PhD Seminar, University of Manchester (UoM)
  • 02/12/2016 (1.15pm, CURDS): Sebastian Möller – Global finance meets local politics: Derivatives and municipal debt management. Financialisation and local government workshop, University of Newcastle
  • 08/12/2016 (9am, Chancellors at UoM): Natalia Besedovsky & Sebastian Botzem – Changing Patterns in Global Finance: Knowledge intermediation and the rise of boundary-spanning organizations in finance. Networks in Finance Workshop, UoM
  • 14/12/2016 (4pm, ICOSS Boardroom): Sebastian Möller – When global finance knocks at city hall’s door: Derivatives and municipal debt management.
    SPERI Seminar, University of Sheffield