P&F Seminar on Investment Clubs in January

In January, the research group “Transnational Political Ordering in Global Finance” continues its “Politics & Finance Seminar Series” ith a discussion on investment clubs as homosocial groups. Lydia Welbers, doctoral researcher at the Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy (SOCIUM) at the University of Bremen, presents tentative findings and thought on her ongoing doctoral thesis in a project on decision-making practices of small investors.

17.01.17: Lydia Welbers (SOCIUM, University of Bremen): “Investment clubs
as homosocial groups. Which is the value of this category of analysis?”
InIIS, Room 7.2020, 12.15-13.45

Abstract of Lydia´s talk: Investment clubs (as associations of small investors, which pool their money) have to decide together, how to invest their money on the financial market. On the group level, members of the group look quite similar. Therefore these groups can be divided in male and female associations. The talk focusses on the added value by describing investment clubs as homosocial groups by mentioning differences and similarities between these groups and their decision making processes.

After the presentation, there will be plenty of time to ask questions and discuss various aspects of the topic. If you wish to attend the seminar, please write an email to smoeller[at]uni-bremen.de.