Teaching in summer term 2017

This summer term, members of our research group will be teaching in the Bachelor and Master courses in Political Science at the University of Bremen. Sebastian Botzem offers a seminar on “Challenges of Global Financial Regulation” (MA, Tuesdays 4-6pm, Room: GW1-HS H1010). Together with Martin Nonhoff, he will also teach a seminar on “Political-Economic Thought in the 20th Century: Introduction to the work of Keynes, Hayek, Eucken and Polanyi” (BA, Wednesdays 4-6pm, Room: IW3 0200). Moreover, Marcus Wolf will teach the seminar “Oil and International Politcs in the 20th Century” together with Roy Karadag (BA, Wednesdays, 2-4pm, Room: FVG M2010). All courses will be in German languange. Please register via Stud.IP.