Presentation @SASE in Lyon

This Friday (30 June), Sebastian Botzem and Natialia Besedovsky will present a paper on “The Rise of Knowledge Intermediating Organizations in Global Financial Regulation” at the SASE conference in Lyon. In this paper, the authors apply a social network analysis approah to the study of changes within the global financial elite within and after the latest financial crisis. It summarizes some of the empirical findings and conceptional debates surround their common research project on the global financial elite. Moreover, Sebastian will be the discussant at Thursday´s panel on “Regulation and Governance in Emerging Economies”. This year´s conference theme is “What´s Next? Disruptive/Collaborative Economy or Business as Usual?”. The Society for the Advamcement of Socio-Economics (SASE) brings together scholars from sociology, political economy, management, political science and other fields interested in socio-economic dynamics.