New Publication: “Transnationales Finanzwesen?”

Sebastian Botzem and Natalia Besedovsky have published a chapter on finance as an emerging transnational field in the edited volume “Netzwerke in gesellschaftlichen Feldern” (networks in societal fields). The volume is edited by Jan Fuhse and Karoline Krenn and was published by Springer VS. In their contribution, Natalia and Sebastian analyze the network configuration and the institutionalization of organizational relations within  finance between 2003 and 2013 with the help of our GloFIELD database. They find that financial organizations are increasing their interrelations in order to allow for exchange of information and coordination. Moreover professional associations, knowledge providing organizations and bodies of private self-regulation are increasingly forming the core of the transnational financial field. The publication summarizes some of the core findings of the research project on the global financial elite and can be purchased online.