GloFIELD Database

The Global Financial Elite Database

GloFIELD is a collection of membership data of individuals in different organizations in the field of global finance and currently being set up by members of the research group. The information includes current as well as historical data of organizations and their leading personnel. Among these core organizations are banks and exchanges from most large jurisdictions, central banks and national regulatory agencies. When completed, GloFIELD should hold up to 500 organisations (both private and public) in the field of global finance. In addition to these core organizations, we seek to include a range of other organizations from the financial field, in pardicular European organizations. The majority of information stems from commercial data focussing on corporate board membership. Additional data is gathered through annual reports of public and private organizations. Personal information is verified and added based on specialized databases and other publicly available information.

We are currently building up GloFIElD as a tool to better understand and investigate the social and political structure of global finance. The combination of organizational and personal data makes it possible to identify, analyze and explain social cohesion and political authority beyond the nation state. Conceptually, GloFIELD seeks to provide answers to questions regarding the social fabric of global finance and its transnational characteristics: Who are the individuals linking organizations in global finance? Which organizations and individuals occupy central positions in global finance today and historically? Which temporal patterns can be detected and how can developments be assessed?